For a new generation of founders, starting a breakout company from the periphery has finally become a realistic ambition. Still, even with the proliferation of remote work and an increasing abundance of smart money, periphery founders have to work harder than their peers in big hubs to defy the odds.

We love backing founders who are raw, smart, self taught and are obsessed about what they are building. We don’t look for elite university degrees or operating experience at big brand tech companies. We're much more interested in qualities such as thoughtfulness, candor, ambition, grit and focus. We invest pre-venture, leading or co-leading pre-seed and early seed deals. Our tickets range between €50-750k.

We are sector agnostic as long as we have a strong affinity for the product, the market or the cause. Our natural habitat is CEE & the Baltics, but we go anywhere where our network or the diaspora takes us.